ReShelle Barrett '91

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Lots of Robert Morris alumni earned their degrees while working full time, and ReShelle Barrett '91 was one of them. Now a senior vice president at financial consulting firm Bill Few Associates, Barrett looks back on her time commuting to classes at the Downtown Pittsburgh campus as an experience that led to success in her field.

"The '80s were a time when Pittsburgh was going through an industrial change," Barrett says. "More and more adults were transitioning careers and taking classes with me. Although I was still very young, I got to learn from the experiences they shared. One thing I clearly remember was the level of dedication to succeeding.  Most Friday nights, while all of my friends would be out at football games or parties or just hanging out, I was at home with computer spreadsheets and Wall Street Journals spread across the floor.  My roommates would make fun of me."

The city was changing, and so was the curriculum, with new core courses in computers. "Robert Morris was one of the only universities in the area requiring its students to take computer courses. I hated it! None of my friends at the surrounding universities were required to take them. Looking back it was immensely helpful and clearly paid off when I entered the workforce," she says.

Barrett is a member of the President's Council and is actively involved in RMU's Women's Leadership and Mentorship Program. She says she does it "because I work in a male-dominated industry, where not a lot of women have had the same opportunities. I hope to see my daughter keep Robert Morris on her radar as she starts to look into the future."

--- Story by Mattie D'Arcy

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