Margaret Caliendo Sheehy '91

Monday, January 4, 2016

AOTM-Sheehy-SmMargaret Caliendo Sheehy '91 and her son Eddie Sheehy share more than genes — they share pride for their alma mater. The mother and son are regular attendees at the Legacy Luncheon, where they will meet with others who have kept an RMU connection in the family.

Margaret, who came back to Robert Morris for her B.S.B.A. after earning her associate degree in 1984, teaches and serves as both an advisor and an office administrator for Bradford School, a Pittsburgh career school that offers two-year degrees. She says it was her professors who influenced her to teach, particularly Donna Cellante, a professor of Computer and Information Systems. "The way she taught and interacted with us, it was the type of teacher I wanted to be," says Margaret.

When Eddie was looking at colleges where he could study video production, he first had his heart set on North Carolina. It was Margaret's suggestion to look a little closer to home. Eddie is now a junior media arts major, studying video production and journalism. He hopes to be a reporter and then a TV anchor further down the line, but for now he is programming director at the RMU Academic Media Center and producer of two RMU-TV programs, "Trending Now" and the upcoming "Politically Incorrect with Eddie Sheehy," which he will also host.

"My child, what he has accomplished in three years blows me away," says Margaret. "I feel very strongly about the institution. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for RMU."

- By Mattie D'Arcy

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