New Stamp Features Alum's Art

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DieterichA geologist during the day and star photographer at night, Matt Dieterich ’13 will see his time-lapse photo of star trails over Mount Rainier National Park featured on a United States Postal Service stamp this summer.

Dieterich, who works as a contracting geologist at the National Energy Technology Lab in Morgantown, W.V., traveled west to see the night sky without city lights taking away the brightness and beauty. His website showcases many of the dramatic nighttime images he has captured in parks, including the Mount Rainier image, which the Postal Service chose for one of 16 stamps commemorating the 100th anniversary 

of the National Park Service.

Dieterich’s hobby in photography started in high school, and his bachelor’s in environmental science from RMU enhanced his love and understanding of the sky. Through his three undergraduate internships, he was able to save enough to purchase a motorized telescope powered by a car battery and camera equipment for it, and in his spare time he taught himself Photoshop from online tutorials. He credits his professors as mentors 


and appreciators of his data he collected of the night sky. “When I was in school there, I loved getting to know all of the professors," says Dieterich.

Dieterich was recognized in Astronomy Magazine for a photo he took of the Milky Way galaxy in 2012, and another of his photos was auctioned off for $10,000 at a dinner for the state of Washington’s National Park Fund.

“My goal is to inspire other people to get outside and enjoy the night sky,” says Dieterich.

By Michelle Emanuele '14

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