Lisa Bray '09 M‘12

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lisa Bray '09 M‘12 and her daughter, Aaminah, share a special bond unlike many mother and daughter duos: Mina has chosen to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a freshman at RMU. The two attended last year’s Legacy Recognition when Mina was a prospective student. “For her to choose my alma mater was just a proud moment,” says Lisa, whose daughter is majoring in criminal justice.

Aaminah is getting the traditional campus experience, unlike Lisa, who attended classes Downtown as an adult, earning two degrees — a B.S. in information science and then an M.S. in instructional leadership — while also working in a management position at Verizon and caring for her two children. She says it was a challenge to balance family life and studying for class. ”College for anybody can be a difficult experience,” Lisa says, “and as an African American female it can be even tougher, kind of a culture shock. But my experience was not that. My hope is that prospective students would give RMU an opportunity.”

A resident of Observatory Hill on the North Side, Lisa is an assistant registrar at Point Park University, working with database mining and in-house IT. She frequents RMU events, including wine tastings, networking luncheons, and Homecoming, and said she is very excited about the Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program. “I wish it was there when I was at Robert Morris,” she says.

Written by Kayla Carbert

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