Emily Kosloff Locke ‘04 and John Locke ‘03 M'06

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Emily Kosloff Locke ‘04 met her future husband, John Locke ‘03 M'06, at Robert Morris, where she was the costume designer and he played Dr. Gibbs in a student production of "Our Town." Emily spent a lot of time visiting her friends in Washington Hall, and as she worked her way down to Madison Hall, where she lived. she would stop in Adams Hall and visit John. “That’s why when I speak to freshmen, I say, ‘You never know, your spouse may be in this room with you,’” says John, now RMU’s director of student activities.

The Colonial Couple frequently attend shows and football and basketball games now with their three children, Colin, 5; Andy, 4; and Benjamin, 1. Emily was active in Delta Zeta and still comes back for Greek Week and Airband. They are excited to attend sports events in the new UPMC Events Center when it opens in 2019. “I wish that I went here now,” says Emily.

Each year at this time they receive a Colonial Couple Valentine from RMU, and they are featured in this year’s Valentine video. Their first official date was on Valentine’s Day at the Outback Steakhouse. The Lockes will be coming to Colonial Date Night on February 11 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. “We got engaged at Walt Disney World,” he says, “the second happiest place in the world next to Robert Morris.”

Written by Kayla Carbert

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