Karen Fuller-Douglas '89

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

B.S., Computer Information Systems

alumnofthemonthHome: Adams Township

Family: Karen and her husband, Danny, enjoy the company of Zeus, their toy poodle.

Work: Semi-retired, but looking to jump back into the corporate world, Karen is a former IT consultant who also spent 10 years as a realtor. She is also a dedicated member of the Alumni Association Council and serves as secretary.

Proudest Achievement: "My proudest achievement -- and actually I consider it a gift, not so much I achieved it -- was my husband walking into my life. … I'm proud to have been married 33 years this August, and grateful too."

Favorite RMU Memory: "The library windows have the most panoramic view of the fall foliage. Many a time, when I noticed I had 10 minutes to get to class, I would find myself thinking maybe I'll just sit here and cut class and enjoy the view. But I was paying tuition, so I got up."

Last RMU Event Attended: Alumni council meetings, Women of RMU events, wine tastings. "It's pretty much you name it, I'm there."

Why She Stays Connected: “It is a strong desire I have, a personal thing, to give back. I'm very impressed and proud, very proud, of what Robert Morris has turned into."

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